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Patience Chingore, Mite Partner
Harare, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Leprosy Project

Our trip to the leprosy center was very successful. The people were very nice and very grateful including the staff. We had a tour around the center and they have projects such as piggery, chicken, cattle and fish farming in order to sustain themselves and provide for the people affected by leprosy, but they mostly depend on donations from well-wishers and the donations have decreased perhaps due to the world economic meltdown. They are all doing well, but they need more medication, mattresses, blankets, food, kitchen equipment, buckets and clothing and there is a serious shortage of water as well which is a major concern right now. We managed to have a one-on-one conversation with the patients, but some of them are bedridden. They cannot walk and some are both deaf and dumb as well. There are leprosy patients who are from other neighboring countries as well. Such as Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia because it was the only recognized leprosy center in Southern Africa when it was first established, and they never left because they lost touch with their family members a long time ago. There is a shortage of mattresses at the center and some of them are using pillows as mattresses as shown in the photos. They are also other leprosy patients who are able to work by themselves as well, but it is difficult for them to get jobs because of stigmatization so they have their own home projects such as sewing and they are wishing for financial assistance to help with their personal projects. The people were truly grateful and extended their gratitude to MiteWorks International Network and all those who donated to make all this possible. Thank you so much The Children’s Mite and may God continue to bless your organization. —Patience Chingore


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$412.60 Sent 03-30-20
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